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Professional Henna Artistry in Yuma, Arizona
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Samia’s henna journey has taken her from being a hobbyist to a professional by bringing the love of the ancient tradition into the hearts of Yumans in seminars and workshops, and onto living canvases in private sessions and public events.

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“I have a passion for this art form, with the creation of the paste with its earthy scent and organic elements, to the application on a living canvas. Can I call it ‘love’? There is simply no other comparable experience. It is an honor to be able to share it with others.” – Samia

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Get immersed in henna by subscribing to Henna Fixation on YouTube. Learn to do henna while exploring the diverse world of henna artistry and everything in it with new videos every week.

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Book your session and await your unique henna experience with fresh, luscious paste and therapeutic aroma of essential oils. Invite henna to your party and spread its love to your guests for an unforgettable experience.

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We Love The History, Tradition, And The Art of Henna
Get henna'd with Henna Fixation

Anoint yourself with nature's gift of henna with Henna Fixation. Traveling throughout centuries, henna has captured the hearts and minds of many captivating bodies - from pharaohs to queens, now to the human canvases of Yuma, Arizona.

From individual sessions, to group parties, to workshops and fundraisers, explore all of the ways henna can change your life.

This is your calling. Have you listened to it yet?

  • Only natural henna paste is used to handcraft the paste for each session

  • Our small business regularly donates large portions of our profits to local charities

  • Workshop and seminars are offered to spread the love of henna while understanding its historical traditions.

  • Using an authentic art form to enhance lives and adorn bodies with ancient recipes in our modern life

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