May 22, 2016

Henna After-Care

Preparing for your Henna Session

Now that your henna date has been scheduled, here is what you need to prepare:

1. Clean the area properly from any dirt and grime using soap and water.

2. Remove any make up residue, lotions, and do not apply on tanned skin.

3. Do all necessary chores before going to your relaxing, therapeutic, and transformative henna experience.

4.  Have a manicure appointment? Set it to be before your henna session so that your stain will not be compromised.

For Best Stain Results…

…watch the video or read the instructions below!

Keep Long. Keep the henna paste on  your skin for as long as possible (we recommend more than 2 hours and no more than 24 hours). Let it air dry and seal it with a lemon-sugar solution – mix lemon and sugar together, apply with a cotton ball or a Q-tip to ensure the paste remains on the skin. Actively you can apply the Sealant Spray to limit any incidents of dried henna being removed from the skin with the cotton ball.

Remove the dried paste after aforementioned hours using any cooking oil (olive, coconut, vegetable). Avoid using any scented oil using fragrances or any petroleum based oil. Simply apply the oil on your skin and roll the paste off with your fingers. NEVER REMOVE PASTE WITH WATER.

If you are able, go to sleep with your henna’d skin wrapped with toilet paper or gauze and remove it the following morning using the same method as described above.

Keep Warm. keep the henna’d area warm, your increased body temperature will darken the stain. In contrast, too cold of a temperature will yield a poor stain or no stain at all. Keeping warm is essential and the best way to do so is to sleep with the paste on as the increase in body temperature during sleep helps the stain to develop by creating an ideal environment.

Keep Dry. Water is the main culprit to a poor stain. It can also result in its early demise. Protect the stain area from water by applying the Balm or any cooking oil before jumping into the shower, while still trying to avoid water from getting on the stain. Try your best to let as little friction on the stain as possible while cleaning and bathing. Chlorine in the swimming pools immediately removes any stains from the skin – avoid swimming with henna. Lastly, it will be of benefit if you keep the stained area moisturized. Re-apply the Balm or the cooking oil on your skin (olive or coconut oil is excellent for your skin in general) to keep the stained area moisturized as dried skin will shed faster resulting in a quicker stain demise.

Finally, enjoy your henna! The stain starts off orange after paste removal and darkens over the period of 48 hours. The oxidation during this period and proper care can yield a beautiful, reddish-brown stain that can last for up to 3 weeks.