Another Artist in Town?

There are some who feel burdened when another artist comes into the picture.  Although I understand the hesitance of a potential competitor coming into the mix, there is an opportunity to grow as an artist, as an individual and create long lasting connections that only enhance one’s self worth.  This does not come without experience. Read more about Another Artist in Town?[…]

Treat Your Tools Right

As with all things green, henna requires a little attention when it comes to storing it properly. I have ruined quite a few cones before I learned the ways.  So let me spare you the trouble! Watch the following to learn how to store not only henna cones, but henna powders and essential oils.  Proper Read more about Treat Your Tools Right[…]

Get Help!

The trouble with being a henna artist and a business owner is the withdrawal of resources in the mental bank account during festivals.  Any withdrawals resulting in a negative bank account means suffering. And I do not say it lightly!  This suffering in the henna artist’s world means depletion of creativity and the mental capacity it takes Read more about Get Help![…]

Edumacate – Or Something Like That Anyway

When I started doing henna professionally, I was left scrambling to find information to do so. There is a plethora of information available for many renowned fields, you can discover exactly what courses you need to take, how many hours of internship it requires, and what is an expected pay rate in your chosen career. Read more about Edumacate – Or Something Like That Anyway[…]

When We Got Together For Henna

I maintain my belief that henna attracts the kindest of hearts and these hearts are always looking for eachother, casually bumping into eachother in festival booths and eyeing eachother from afar in gym classes. When I see someone with henna, I find a certain connection with a stranger who loves what I love.  Henna Meet Read more about When We Got Together For Henna[…]