May 20, 2016


Peace Pham PhotographyDancing scents of essential oils and bodies exuding with self love and confidence are some of the amazing side effects of a Henna Fixation experience. Bring the ancient tradition to you with hand crafted, chemical free henna paste and expert henna body artistry. Revive your senses with a gift of nature and art. Samia brings a unique design to each session, creating an experience that brings a soothing touch of ancient luxury. Choose from the following services (Booking is required for all services):

Private and Group Henna Sessions
Henna Events and Parties
Bridal Henna
Birthdays and Quinceanera Events
Baby shower and Belly Blessing
Corporate and Fundraising Events
Henna Crowns


• Individual henna sessions are held at the artist’s venue with a minimum of $20.
• Group Henna Sessions are $70 an hour for 10 people or less. Come together, pitch in, and get henna’d.
• Small events (less than 30 guests) are $160 for the first two hours and $60 for any additional hours. Minimum 2 hours booking is required.
• Minimum 3 hour booking is required for events with more than 30 guests.
• Bridal Henna flat rate packages start with $150 with both hands, front and back upto the wrists and feet upto the ankles. The package price increases with more intricacy and coverage.
• All Belly Blessings are $75.
• Fundraisers are welcome with only 10% of total raised funds is collected to cover all supplies.
• Henna Crowns are free with a limited number of vouchers per month. A crown without a voucher starts from $60