If we were getting together over tea, or coffee for the proper enthusiast (although I would pour myself a cup of tea), I would geek over henna with you.  There is so much happening constantly in the henna world, that keeping up with it is essential for all lovers of henna alike.  This is what I am geeking over – a favorite design and an element, a favorite book and a favorite quote.  What about you?


With lots of henna love,

– S


May 3, 2016


I would love to get together with you for a coffee 😉 Do some henna talking, henna doing. That would be fun. And i LOVE your scarf by the way.

And I think I’m geeking over, how to make a website 🙂 I have few extra commitments these days, and don’t forgot a commitment to be a mom.

Geeking over leads to the most amazing work, that’s what I have noticed, whether it’s in a professional life or a personal one. And it shows! 🙂

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