The Passion

Amidst the different forms of body adornments, henna stands out with its clear message of inclusion through its temporary means. Even while exploring the different cultures in its centuries old history, henna speaks the language of unity, of beauty, of self acceptance and self adoration- a language that needs no translation. Its ability to beautify people and bring out the inner joy makes it a unique and empowering experience.

Established in 2013, Henna Fixation aims to provide quality henna to enhance the individual and communal human experience.  You are always invited to get henna’d safely and comfortably with Henna Fixation

Henna Paste Guarantee: Henna Fixation uses USDA approved Organic Henna Powder mixed with pure essential oils to create the natural henna paste. No additives, preservatives, PPD, harmful or any color-enhancing chemicals ever corrupt the natural make up of this ancient tradition in our studio.

The Artist

Samia’s love affair with henna began in her childhood. Little fingers created patterns that would later shape her style in this art medium. Her move to Yuma after falling passionately in love started her journey which would soon take her into the realm where Henna Fixation always existed. Even throughout the different stages in life, Samia has found henna to be a constant reminder of the voices that once were. Her journey has taken her from being an artist amongst friends to bringing henna in the hearts of Yumans, creating an industry standard by bringing the authentic art to living canvases.

When she is not taken away in the world of artistry in sessions and videos, Samia enjoys drinking a cup of matcha with a purring cat – or two – getting lost in a book in a corner, gardening in the backyard or blogging for Sunnah Living

The Love of Service

Art is about experiencing giving and sharing. Humanity is about serving those who are in need. Combining those two together has simply been a pleasure incomparable to another. Henna Fixation is there for the community of Yuma. We are always looking for more local, accredited organizations to donate towards and your suggestions are always welcome.


* To provide excellent customer service in beautifying every client through the ancient art of henna
* To always use quality, natural ingredients, devoid of harmful chemicals.
* To enhance every client’s life with an unforgettable henna experience.
* To continue using art to serve the community by doing fundraisers and/or by donations.