When I started doing henna professionally, I was left scrambling to find information to do so. There is a plethora of information available for many renowned fields, you can discover exactly what courses you need to take, how many hours of internship it requires, and what is an expected pay rate in your chosen career.  But what if you want to become a henna artist?  There are no formal classes available, internship is rare as henna artists tend to be scattered throughout the country, and pay rate depends on how many hours months years much time  you have to study and practice the art just by itself before understanding the business side of your henna “business.”

So you see, there is a lot to learn and we all know that The Internet offers just as many dubious sources as credible sources to learn and grow.  When I did learn enough and embarked on this journey, I became a lover of the art itself.  And how can one love something truly and not share its joy? YouTube has become my channel (see what I did there, incognito marketing? Ha!) to educate other seekers who are scrambling from one site to another to find what they are looking for so they can also take their hobby to a professional level.

Just to clarify, however, that there are some trade secrets an artist is not going to share.  Some things need to be researched and sought after.  It is a business after all. Some things can be shared, while others need to be kept secret.  So while maintaining my trade secrets, I hope you enjoy the second part of the series of how to become a professional henna artist where I share with you the things you will need before you begin.



With lots of henna love,

– S

May 10, 2016

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