The trouble with being a henna artist and a business owner is the withdrawal of resources in the mental bank account during festivals.  Any withdrawals resulting in a negative bank account means suffering. And I do not say it lightly!  This suffering in the henna artist’s world means depletion of creativity and the mental capacity it takes to run the business.  If you are a person that can multitask like a MOFO then you are ahead of the game.  Like a MOFO means like a MOFO.  Me as an artist is me as an introvert.  My functionality is dependent on how much overstepping I can do outside of my bubble.  Me doing henna is a welcomed bubble-infringement as it is the act of sharing and connecting with the receiver that drives my artistry.

Me doing business during a festival is not a welcome bubble-infringement. Not in the least.  Such an infringement means greeting all the guests, telling them what henna is for the 50th time in a row, inviting them to look through the designs, encouraging them to experience the art while explaining, again for the 50th time in a row, the process of aftercare.  And in some cases, more than I would like, watching their backs walk right past the booth because – well, how many factors can influence a person’s decision, I am not taking on that burden as well.

I prefer to be left to do the art while someone does the business side.  Delegating responsibility, that will make you feel like a grown up if nothing else will! And here is where I roll down the red carpet for my booth assistants.  They are life savors, they handle the other necessary bits while you handle the other necessary bits, if you catch my drift.  A person who is more people friendly, who does not mind repeating the instructions 50 times, who enjoys the process and let’s you be the artist; that person is worth their weight in gold.  When the lines keeps stretching and eager receivers are waiting to be henna’d, being left alone to be an artist, while leaving the “business owner” role behind, is a relief.  A necessary relief.

Wasn’t that a nice, happy, joyful experience from an artist’s perspective?  Now let’s hear from the other side.  Brace yourself, it gets real – Henna Fixation always keeps it real. 🙂


With lots of henna love,

– S


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May 17, 2016

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